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Beginner makeup steps

Source:Yiwu Xuanli Cosmetics Co., Ltd.Release time:2020-04-11

Beginner makeup first understand the correct makeup sequence, follow the correct steps to make a good makeup effect, come take a look at the correct makeup sequence, see if you have done it right.

Cleansing → Toner → Face Cream / Lotion → Eyebrow → Sunscreen Cream → Face Liquid → Foundation → Powder Foundation → Eyebrow → Eye Shadow → Eyeliner → Lip Liner Lipstick → Blush → Makeup → Eyelash Extension → False Eyelashes → Mascara

1. Skincare before makeup

Skin care work must be done before makeup, so that not only can achieve a good skin care effect, but also do a good job in skin care work, which has a very good improvement in the durability and compliance of our makeup! After thoroughly cleansing the skin, first use a moisturizing lotion to soften the stratum corneum, so that the essence of subsequent products can be more easily absorbed. Then choose the cream that suits you and apply it and massage it for complete absorption.

2. Use the eyebrow pencil to draw the correct eyebrow shape

Eyebrow trimming: Use the eyebrow pencil to draw the correct eyebrow shape, and then pluck out the extra eyebrows. The drawn eyebrow shape will be more accurate. Lightly brush both eyebrows with an eyebrow brush, trim the long eyebrows short, and then wipe with a lotion for cleaning.

3. Isolation cream, repair liquid

Sunscreen: It isolates the damage to the skin caused by makeup and dust pollution, which is equivalent to a layer of skin protection film. You don't need to use too much amount of makeup lotion, pat evenly along the direction of the pores.

Facial lotion: adjust uneven skin tone, white facial lotion can increase the transparency of skin tone, green can modify the local redness of the skin, purple or blue facial lotion can modify the yellowish complexion, and the pearlescent facial lotion Used in the T-shaped part, it can make the face three-dimensional.

4. Choose a foundation close to your skin tone

Foundation: Choose a foundation that is close to your skin tone. Whether you use your fingers, sponge, or foundation brush to apply makeup, you must follow the principle of taking a small amount.

Powder: You can press a thin powder on the T area to make the base makeup last longer, this step can also be ignored.

5. The color of eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder should be consistent with hair color

Eyebrow: The color of the eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder should be consistent with the hair color as much as possible, and draw the outline of the eyebrow shape. Finally, the eyebrow brush is gently brushed along the "eyebrow → eyebrow peak → eyebrow tail" to make the eyebrow color even.

Eyeshadow: The most common and easiest method: the same color is drawn gradually from the bottom to the top of the eyelid, from dark to light, with different dark and light colors, which can shape the effect of deep eyes. The eyes will look at least 1/3 bigger, and they will be very bright and bright.

Eyeliner: The mirror is placed under the eyes, the eyes look down, the ring finger pulls the eyelid to draw the eyeliner against the root of the eyelashes, and the thickness and length of the eyeliner can be adjusted according to the eyeliner.

6. Lip line, blush, makeup

Lip line lipstick: lip gloss is generally enough for lip makeup. The color of lip gloss is best to match the theme color of clothing. If you want to be more refined, you can use a lip liner to draw clear lip lines.

Blush: Choose a blush that suits the color system, smile at the mirror, and the cheekbones are where you can apply the blush. Each time you use it, the amount of blush should be less and lighter; you can brush it several times until the effect is perfect.

Makeup setting: Sweeping powder can fix the makeup, and the makeup will not be easily shifted or peeled off, which will keep the makeup shiny and extend the durability of the makeup. In addition, the powder puff beats into the skin to help improve the adhesion of the makeup to the skin, and the large pores can also be hidden to a certain extent.

7. How to clip natural eyelashes

Eyelash curling: Eyelash curling is divided into three stages, and the natural curvature is curled from the root, the middle, and the tip of the eyelashes.

False eyelashes: Trim the length of the false eyelashes according to the length of your eyes, apply a layer of glue along the stems of the false eyelashes, you can apply more on the ends of the eyelashes, and stick it on the top of the eyelashes in a semi-dry state.

Mascara: The application method of mascara is "Z" shape upward brush, after wearing false eyelashes, apply a layer of mascara, which can blend real and false eyelashes.