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How to reduce the harm of cosmetic metal to yourself?

Source:Yiwu Xuanli Cosmetics Co., Ltd.Release time:2020-04-11

As a chemical and biological product, cosmetics must add some chemical and biological agents. In some cases, metal substances are used. We know that excessive intake of some metals is harmful to our bodies, so how to avoid these injuries? Let's take a look together.

If your skin meets the following conditions, there may be too much hormone or heavy metal residue.

1 I have used ointment or skin care products to treat acne. After using it, I feel that my skin condition has greatly improved, so I have been using it for several months.

2 The skin is very uncomfortable after discontinuing acne or whitening products. Redness, itching and allergies may suddenly appear after using other products.

3 The skin is dull and dull, dark yellow, or even gray and black, the skin is thin, and obvious red blood lines appear, and the skin is prone to allergies.

Since metal is harmful to the skin, why do you add this ingredient in cosmetics?

Some metals contained in cosmetics can be added to achieve certain effects. For example, the addition of mercury can play a whitening effect, because mercury compounds will destroy the enzyme activity of the epidermis and prevent melanin from forming. Lead oxide has a certain covering effect and can also be used for whitening. In addition, some of them are due to impure production materials, leaving undesirable metal components in cosmetics, and if long-term use of cosmetics added with mercury, lead, etc., will cause great harm to the human body, so they are allowed Exists, but within a certain range. For metal, know yourself and know each other.